Homeschoolers get asylum

German parents who said they were persecuted for homeschooling their five children have been granted political asylum in the U.S.

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  1. For their sakes, I’m happy, though I don’t think a blanket policy of treating homeschoolers as refugees is a good idea. When will Germany lose its Nazi law on homeschooling? With all the great online education options available these days, there’s no reason to continue to require all children to attend a brick-and-mortar school. Germany allows private schools; homeschooling by conscientious, intelligent parents is just a really small private school, and could be subject to the same regulations as a private school.

  2. That would be nice, Catherine, but given that Sweden and England both seem to be in the mood to pass more restrictive homeschool legislation, I’m not sure that European governments are leaning that way. I mean, I know European countries aren’t all the same, but I don’t think Germany is going to break out on this issue.

    I’m not really surprised that Sweden is so set against homeschooling; I lived in Scandinavia for a while and people would just consider it completely un-Swedish, not the right way to live.

  3. It’s little known that the homeschooling ban was among Hitler’s first acts as Fuhrer. An even more obscure fact is that the leaders of the conspiracy of murder him — Klaus Schenck von Stauffenberg and Werner von Treskow — were homeschooled. (Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the famous theologian who participated in the conspiracy) was homeschooled, too.

    It would be hard to think of three better poster children for homeschooling.

  4. I’m proud to live in a country where unorthodoxy isn’t considered a crime.


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