Head Start study shows no lasting gains

Head Start’s benefits fade by first grade, concludes a major study on the $7 billion-a-year program’s impact. While Head Start participants have a social, emotional and cognitive edge over similar kids who didn’t participate in pre-K, according to a 2005 study, the advantages don’t last long.

“The next few weeks are probably going to be rocky ones for the Head Start community,” writes Early Ed Watch, which suggested K-3 teachers aren’t trained to help Head Start grads move forward.

The mainstream media have ignored the study, complains Andrew Coulson of Cato @ Liberty. I did spot a column in the Kansas City Star.

Update: Education Week’s Mary Ann Zehr has more on the study.

It’s time to “terminate, consolidate or reform” federal preschool programs before ‘investing’ more dollars, writes Dan Lips of the Heritage Foundation.

Jay P. Greene has more detail on the study.

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