Can D.C. scholarships be saved?

By cutting off new students from aid, Congress has condemned Washington, D.C.’s school voucher program to a “slow death,” say leaders of D.C. Parents for School Choice. There was no Christmas miracle for the program, despite evidence that scholarship students do better in reading than similar students who lose the lottery.

Instapundit suggests that private donors step in to fund scholarships to enable low-income children to escape unsafe, chaotic, low-performing schools.

Update: Save DC Kids is trying to keep the scholarships alive with private funding.

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  1. I’d go a step further.

    Rather then just replace the D.C. Scholarship fund commit to a rising number of scholarships with the explicit intent of bankrupting the district.

    The Democrats who vote at the direction of the NEA may be comfortable cutting off funding to this program but it would be a distinctly different situation if they had to vote to curtail the availability of privately-funded scholarships. It would put those Democrats in the position of protecting the continued existence of the school district regardless of the education outcomes for the kids.

  2. Why can’t we just admit the government’s only interest in education is in corruption, bribery, and sinecures? The solution is abolition of public education.

  3. The people who have been fighting for school choice in DC for more than a decade have set up a fund to receive private donations to keep the DCOSP running. More here.


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