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On Gotham Schools, teacher Arthur Goldstein explains How to Fix a Trailer in 17 Easy Steps. 

First, try all the normal channels. Go to the custodian and explain how cold, how wet, how malodorous and revolting the trailer is. When that fails, go to administration. Fill out the forms, make the requests, and do whatever official policy dictates. Go in every now and then to remind them when nothing gets done. Demand luxury items, like soap.

Repeat every year, as necessary.

That’s just the start.

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  1. 7 years in the same classroom in California’s Central Valley, with talk of moving the start of school from mid-August to the beginning of August. For those of you not from here, it’s triple digits here in August.

    7 years. No air conditioning. I’ve followed Mr. Goldstein’s procedure each year. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  2. Maybe this sort of situation calls for the health department.  Condemning the trailer or declaring the classroom unsafe to use due to temperature would get around the bureaucrats who are failing to do their job.


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