The degree gap

If You Thought the “Degree Gap” Was High Here, check out the female-male education gap in Canada, writes Carpe Diem. University of Alberta President Indira Samarasekera is under attack for saying that too few men are earning degrees.

“We’ll wake up in 20 years and we will not have the benefit of enough male talent,” said Samarasekera, a metallurgical engineer originally from Sri Lanka. “I’m going to be an advocate for young white men, because I can be,” she added, pointing to her Nixon-to-China status as a minority woman advocating for men.

The chart tells the story.

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  1. Mark Roulo says:

    I *HATE* charts like this. It looks much worse than
    it really is because the y-axis starts at 100 instead of 0.

    Not that 16:10 isn’t a disturbing ratio …

    -Mark Roulo

  2. Without knowing what specialities the degrees are in, it is impossible to judge whether that graph (and the statistics behind it) are meaningful or nonsense.  For instance, if men take 60% of the degrees in science and women take 75% of the degrees in rhetoric and feminist and ethnic studies, there’s probably a lot of money being wasted but not all that much real talent.

  3. I agree with E-P. If the women are taking useless degrees [and the men aren’t], then it’s more a case of the women wasting time and effort, rather than men being left behind. [there’s also the jumped-up vocational programs – secretarial courses that have become bachelors degrees in “communications” or some such].


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