Teaching with cell phones

Cell phones, banned in most schools, are used for teaching in others. Ms. Cornelius is dubious about a story touting texting as a way to teach Spanish.

Would allowing our students to use their phones as part of the lesson actually transform them and make them “eager?” Those kids may be responding to Spanish instruction, but how much speaking are they doing?

. . . do I need to find ways that kids can use their cell phones in class just to be all cute and techy? Really?

Of course, she could save the time she now spends confiscating cell phones, walking them across campus to the proper administrator and seeing them returned to their owners.

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  1. I remember reading about a school in the Northwest that had gotten permission from the FCC (I think) to operate a cell-phone jammer on school property during school hours. If it weren’t illegal to do so, I’d buy one myself.

  2. We don’t collect them anymore, we just tell the students to put them away. We also allow our students to use them at lunch time, as we could find no *academic* reason not to allow that.

    Whether or not to use them is a decision we leave to our individual teachers.


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