Students aren't ready

Washington state students aren’t ready for new graduation requirements in math, science, speaking, and writing, argues state Superintendent Randy Dorn in the Spokane Spokesman-Review.  The class of ’13 will be required to pass all four state exams, but the new math standards won’t be tested until they’re in 10th grade; science won’t kick in till 11th grade. That’s not enough time to prepare.

I will propose that the 2010 Legislature continue our current math requirement through the class of 2014, and that we have two tiers – “basic” and “proficient” – at which students in the class of 2015 can meet the graduation requirement. . . . Students who achieve proficient complete the requirement, but those who pass at the basic level will have to earn a fourth math credit, which is one more than the state requires.

. . . In science, I will ask that the graduation requirement be delayed until the class of 2017, which is today’s seventh-graders. That will give them time to learn the new standards, and hopefully give our educators time to encourage more science instruction.

The same issue is arising in many states, points out Curriculum Matters.

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