Rosie the Riveter High 'can do it'

Students are Nailing a trade at Rosie the Riveter High, a Long Beach charter school, reports the LA Times. The 50-student school “was created in 2007 to help prepare teenage girls for careers as welders, plumbers, carpenters, electricians and other trades.” However, it’s attracted a co-ed student body of primarily Hispanic and black students.

Students say they are proud to be associated with Rosie the Riveter and the “We can do it” attitude.

“Coming here has opened my mind up. Before, I had thought I might become a special-ed teacher. I never thought about a nontraditional job,” said 18-year-old senior Alaina Servin, a senior who has begun her third year at the school.

“They encourage you to do a lot of things here. My goal now is to work in an oil refinery. It won’t be easy, but I’m a strong person and they make good money there.”

Several students told the Times they like the individual attention they get at the school and the chance to earn college vocational credits, but don’t plan careers in the building trades. Frankly, Rosie the Riveter isn’t good preparation for a future pediatrician — early test scores are very low and it doesn’t offer strong college-prep classes — but maybe it’s better than getting lost at a comprehensive high school.

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  1. Devilbunny says:

    And on the plus side, if these kids’ dreams turn out to be beyond their grasp, they have a steady skill to live on. I imagine that a plumber could quite easily work their way through college doing night and weekend jobs. The one who wants to be a writer?

  2. Not everybody’s going to be a pediatrician. We’re always going to need plumbers, and there’s no reason that future plumbers should have to feel like failures at some college-prep school.

  3. One of my family’s most valued contacts is the mechanic who owns the shop that has taken care of our cars for thirty years and also a tow company. He hires good people and stands behind the work his business does. He also pays good wages and earns a very nice living; much more than lots of soft-major college grads. After all, everyone with a car needs a good mechanic. The same goes for plumbers, electricians, general repairmen etc. Those jobs won’t be outsourced, either. One of the best features of our system is that people can enter college at any point in their lives, unlike most of the rest of the world.

  4. Richard Aubrey says:

    They can’t outsource bricklaying.


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