Gym teacher vs. holocaust

The Holocaust never happened, according to a Las Vegas teacher.  P.E. teacher Lori Sublette, who has degrees in kinesiology, is assigned to a weekly “advocacy” class designed to “prepare students for life after high school.”  She would not discuss the incident with the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

However, Jewish students at  Northwest Career and Technical Academy say the teacher’s comments have sparked a wave of anti-Semitic jokes and threats. An anti-Jewish text message sent to multiple students that threatened to “slit your throats personally” is being investigated as a hate crime.

(Student Katie) Piranio said Sublette told students that history textbooks have inaccurate information and Holocaust photographs were doctored or distorted. She also said Sublette said in class that some Holocaust photographs were actually taken during an earlier time period in Russia.

After Piranio’s father complained to school officials, Sublette called him to apologize, but only for giving her “opinion” in class, Katie Piranio said.

The story inspired many viciously anti-Semitic comments, notes Gently Hew Stone.

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  1. Fire the teacher.

  2. Mike Curtis says:

    Ditto…and all who defend her.

  3. Those who can’t teach – teach gym. Those who can’t teach gym – become holocaust deniers.

  4. tim-10-ber says:

    So why do p.e. teachers become assistant principals when they are the weakest of weak links when it comes to academics, leadership, etc?

  5. She’s also the Multi-Cultural advisor. Hahahahaha.

  6. I’ll never understand the hatred some people have for “the Joooos.” I just won’t.