What's the meeping deal?

“Meep” is banned at Danvers High in Massachusetts in response to a Facebook-organized student plot to say “meep” frequently in class.

Principal Thomas Murray banned the word last week after school officials got wind of a student plan brewing on Facebook to stage a major disruption on school grounds using the word “meep.”

“Meep,” which can be used to replace any word, was popularized by the lab assistant Beaker, a Muppet.

If the issue is the use of nonsense words to waste time in class, you’d think the principal should ban all nonsense words, not just “meep.” After all, what about “moop?”

Danvers was the site of the Salem Witch Trials, points out Core Knowledge Blog.

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  1. Meep!

  2. I’m glad I clicked through to the news article… I can’t imagine the response from the police after having a harmless email forwarded to them as though it were an actual issue. One hopes it was bemusement….

    I would have liked some more information on the “major disruption” that had been planned. A bunch of kids saying “meep”–or anything else for that matter–hardly seems like something to get up in arms about. From the sounds of it, the kids didn’t even have to go through with their plan to achieve the desired effect.

  3. That just whomps!

  4. On its face, this situation does seem awfully silly. But without more information about the situation there in Danvers–and the current information is ever so thin–it’s hard to make any confident judgments of the principal or his motivations.

  5. Wasn’t Mrs. Danvers the deranged housekeeper in Hitchcock’s Rebecca?

  6. I guess they’ll have to ban the alternate usage popularized by Phineas&Ferb in:

    The Phineas and Ferb Episode “The Chronicles of Meap.”

  7. Back in my camp counseling days it was not uncommon to have a kid who was an over-reactor. When kids discovered this, they liked to make sport of spurring over-reactions to fairly innocuous things.

    The dual challenge was always in getting the kids to lay-off at the same time as trying to get the over-reactor to understand their role in exacerbating the situation.

    When I was in school, the state of the art was passing notes and getting everyone to knock their books off their desk when the clock ticked a particular number (or getting some poor slop to think that was going to happen so that they would be the only one actually doing it). I recall my brother telling me that in one class in his Exec MBA program students set up a “word of the day,” challenge. Someone would select a word and the challenge was to work it into the discussion as many times as possible. I don’t think the prof was invited to join.

  8. That’s why the principal gets the big bux.


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