'Unfriend' is word of the year

“Unfriend” is the word of 2009, according to the New Oxford American Dictionary. The verb refers to the act of removing someone as a “friend” on a social networking site such as Facebook. But some Facebook fans protested the choice, saying “defriend” is the term of art.

In technology, there was “hashtag,” which is the hash sign added to a word or phrase that lets Twitter users search for tweets similarly tagged; “intexticated” for when people are distracted by texting while driving, and “sexting,” which is the sending of sexually explicit SMSes and pictures by cellphone.

Finalists from the economy included “freemium,” meaning a business model in which some basic services are provided for free, and “funemployed,” referring to people taking advantage of newly unemployed status to have fun or pursue other interests.

“Birther” and “teabagger” made the finals in the political and current affairs section.

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  1. John Drake says:

    Teabagging is when a man inserts his testicles into his partner’s mouth, and the MSM was well aware of this when they started using the term.

    If this term is granted official status, I will no longer accept the New Oxford American Dictionary as a valid source in my classroom.

  2. Do you mean that you will not accept it being in your classroom (which is fine as long as you have other dictionaries there) or do you mean that you now think that the New Oxford is not a valid or reliable source of information (which would be a silly overreaction on your part)?

  3. Defriend is used a lot more than unfriend.

  4. The things I learn here…

  5. John Drake says:

    If they choose to dignify this, then I will only accept other dictionaries as valid sources of information.

    I am free to react or overreact as I deem appropriate. It is my classroom, and I can designate whatever dictionary I damned well please as the dictionary of record. If the New Oxford American Dictionary decides to be trendy enough to accept a derogatory term as meaning what Keith Olbermann and his ilk have decided it means, then I’ll choose a dictionary that doesn’t have its head up its ass.

    As for the “defriend” vs. “unfriend” debate, I’ve heard unfriend man more times than defriend.

  6. Mr. Drake…
    Sorry, but the teabaggers started to CALL THEMSELVES that FIRST… then liberal political commentators (Olbermann, Maddow, etc) had much fun pointing out their stupidity…
    only after they caught wind of the “original meaning” did the teabaggers start calling themselves teapartiers instead.
    Me… I’ll keep calling them teabaggers… cry all you want, but they call Obama far worse… (yes, we know trying to extend healthcare is on the same level as Hitler and the Dachau death camps…) Don’t like to be called names, then don’t call others names either.

  7. No, Anderson Cooper used the word first. Do your research before you make an ass of yourself on a public forum.

    Now go back to prostrating yourself before an image of your leader, while the rest of us try to preserve your freedoms (whether you want them or not).

  8. Wrong Mr. Drake.

    Mr. Cooper may have been the first journalist to use the term on air, but the teabaggers were already calling themselves that first. “Preserve your freedoms”? Really? LOL… hilarious… I know, trying to make health care accessible for all is the same as marching us into incinerators at the Dauchau death camps… or so I’ve been told by the right.
    I always thought the bushitler crowd of the left were counterproductive idiots, but it’s been amazing how quick the right has developed their own Obama Derangement Syndrome that positively makes the bushitler crowd seem sweet and tame in comparison…

  9. Check again. You’re wrong about the origins of the term.

    You go eat your government cheese and let the adults talk now.


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