Too many teachers

The teacher shortage has turned into a teacher glut, reports AP. Veteran teachers are delaying retirement and new teachers are having trouble finding  jobs.  Of course, the story features a woman who trained to be an art teacher in Kansas. There are more jobs in math, science and special education and in inner-city schools. Infact, there’s an “extreme shortage” of math teachers, says a job clearinghouse.

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  1. John Drake says:

    That’s because you have to actually learn content to teach math.

  2. Thank God I teach Math, Physics, and basic Electronics! The title of that article had me worried that my job choices would be limited if I ever jumped ship where I am…

    I do feel for the English, Art, and Social Studies teachers, though. Even limited job security is better than none when you’re dealing with 10%+ unemployment in the USA (and that’s just the official tabulation of the unemployment numbers…)

  3. You actually have to learn content to teach anything. Next?

  4. Yes, Mike, you do.

  5. It’s not surprising. After hopping on the paralegal bandwagon years ago, only to find that the hype of it being the next best source of jobs, I don’t take any of these promotions of any particular profession having shortages very seriously.