Standards aren't enough

Even if we can establish high-quality common standards, that’s not enough, writes Russ Whitehurst on Brookings’ Up Front blog.

. . . high-quality common standards may affect student achievement only in a system in which there are also aligned assessments, and aligned curriculum, and accountability for educators, and accountability for students, and aligned professional development, and managerial autonomy for school leaders, and teachers who drawn from the best and brightest, and so on.

“Common core standards may be a precondition for other reforms,” Whitehurst writes. But not much will happen unless we plan now what to do to use  NGA/CCSSO common core standards to improve instruction and learning.

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  1. The shortcoming of standards is that they’re a goal that’s once reached provide no further inducement for exertion. Being just barely good enough is as good as anyone has to be.

    While that’s an improvement over the current state of affairs it’s sure not going to bring on a golden age of education.


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