Hip-hop as old-school teaching tool

Hip-hop is going to school as a teaching tool, reports Teacher Magazine.

“Pencil and paper and worksheets and reading from a book isn’t going to cut it now days,” said Kelli Charles, a fifth-grade teacher at Irwin Intermediate School on Fort Bragg. “Especially with all the technology, Xboxes and video games.”

Charles worked for months to bring FMA Live!, a NASA endorsed hip-hop based science show to her school last week. The five-year-old show taught fifth- and sixth-grade students Newton’s three laws of motion using high energy stunts, songs, dances and MTV-like videos.

A company called Flocabulary boasts that its vocabulary rhymes helped raise state reading scores in New York, Alabama, California and other states, according to a University of Indiana study.

New York University hosts the Hip-Hop Education Center for Research, Evaluation and Professional Development, which is cataloging and evaluating hip-hop learning materials.

“While hip-hop rhymes are considered 21st century,” the story says, “the idea of using rhyming and music to help kids remember facts and learn vocabulary is old school.”

No kidding. In fact, the idea that kids should remember facts and learn vocabulary is very old school.

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  1. If it works, it isn’t silly.

  2. Andrew Bell says:

    Isn’t this just an updated version of ” Rocks” that ran in between Saturday morning cartoons? I still remember most of the multiplication songs, so I guess it worked for me.


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