Even now, teaching jobs increase

The number of teaching jobs increased last month, even while unemployment topped 10 percent, notes ABCTE blog.  Stimulus money enabled districts to add 10,700 jobs.

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  1. tim-10-ber says:

    the question becomes how will the positions be funded once the stimulus money dries up…

  2. John Drake says:

    By taxing the holy hell out of us?

  3. tim-10-ber says:

    John Drake — you are probably right but heaven forbid as we are already going to be taxed to cover their pensions and benefits which have long disappeared from the corporate world. Should would be cheaper to get all government employees (yes, teachers are government employees) on a defined contribution plan…please!!!

    This tax payer is very tired of wasting my money on inadequate government/default schools…now that my younger son is in private school I don’t like paying for education twice — taxes and tuition. Now to only pay for what I use…that will shape up public education (as well as all of government) quickly as the money available for certain programs would shrink dramatically!! Hmmm…guess that day will never come…

  4. Well if you want to really be annoyed consider that the percentage of non-teaching professionals employed by the public education system has been rising at about five times the rate teacher employment has been rising.

    As shaky as the premises are that underlie teacher hiring when there’s no rise in admissions the hiring of non-teaching professionals just adds insult to injury.

  5. Um, a large chunk of my paycheck goes toward my pension fund. It is not a “free” benefit, and my medical is not nearly as generous as that of my husband’s (in the corporate world) — very high deductible. I know things are odd in California, but the rest of the country doesn’t operate that way. And I know you think we should all be spinster nuns working for the charity of it all, but that’s not how you attract your precious ivy league grads to teaching. People with degrees in mathematics and physics from Stanford expect a decent paycheck.

    I wonder who is hiring. All I hear about is layoffs. We’ve let positions go through attrition.

  6. Andrew Bell says:

    As some have mentioned here before, much of the rise in non-teacher staff might be attributed to para-professionals who are many times in the schools to assist special-needs students. One has to remember that we have shifted much of this work from special institutions to your school district. One can argue that this isn’t the way to go, but these children will need special attention on way or another.

  7. I know you think we should all be spinster nuns working for the charity of it all

    Best not to assume what other people think.


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