Where swearing is way less smarter

Bremerton High School have pledged to avoid profanity, reports the Seattle News.  “Dare Not to Swear” is the watchword.

Senior cheerleader Candace Alvear says it’s a chance to expand your vocabulary. “It’s so handy too, especially when you’re talking to adults. It makes you seem way more smarter and way more educated when you can use bigger words other than swearing words.”


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  1. I’d settle for a rudimentary understanding of grammar.

  2. LOL. You gotta start with what you have.

  3. Michael E. Lopez says:

    It’s just like saying, like, @#$*&^@% that @#$*&^, but so totally better.

  4. Given the lack of focus in schools on grammar, I’d be more impressed with a high school student who could swear in a complete sentence than substitute for swear words in long streams of incoherence punctuated by “like” and “you know”. That would be, like, you know, totally “way more smarter”.

  5. Whatever.

  6. Yeah, but I bet she’s popular.

  7. At least Candace learned something in school.


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