Obama in LA public schools

At two of LA’s lowest scoring high schools, Crenshaw and Dorsey, a former Obama campaign manager has organized the Barack Obama Digital Media Team and the Obama Chefs, reports NBC Los Angeles.  The digital media students wrote video letters asking the president to invite them to the White House, as well as a Journey to the White House theme song. The cooking students “prepared nutritious lunches for Obama volunteers during the stretch run of the presidential campaign last year.” (Why were they using class time and public resources to work for the Obama campaign?)

“I use President Obama’s inspiration and his digital media savvy as inpiration in the classroom pretty much every day,” (Obama organizer Daphne) Bradford said. “He is our 21st Century president.”

I think it’s possible to use Obama’s success to inspire minority students without teaching them to brown nose the powerful and without exploiting them for political purposes.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Of course it’s possible. But you’ll note the powers-that-be didn’t actually do it.

  2. The teacher should be fired for abusing her position by using students (and school facilities) for her own partisan political goals. There’s also the fact that these activities necessarily took time away from legitimate academic pursuits.

    Quite frankly, I believe that all government employees and their unions, from city through federal levels, should be prohibited from engaging in any partisan political activities. Doing so is a fundamental conflict of interest. Extend the Hatch Act, which covers the military, to all government employees.

  3. To me, this just smacks of seeking recognition and using disadvantaged students to do so. Points to Daphne for including media savvy lingo like “21st century president” and “digital media savvy” which were sure to be picked up. Where was the cool head needed to balance this equation of politicized curriculum, if not squelch it in the classroom as biased? Using students for her own goals, indeed.


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