Unsafe at school

Walking from his Chicago high school to the bus stop, 16-year-old Derrion Albert was hit with a wood plank, punched and stomped to death by a mob of teenagers from rival neighborhoods.  Apparently, the honor student was attacked by both factions, police say. The attack was caught on video. Four teens have been arrested so far.

Fenger High School has reopened, reports the Chicago Tribune. But students fear more violence.

Many students were so afraid, they simply stayed home.

The ones who showed up were met by more than a dozen police officers standing sentry around campus and by squad cars positioned in the neighborhood announcing, by their mere presence, that they would guarantee safe passage to and from school.

. . . Nakia Fulton, a Fenger senior, said she too was nervous about attending school Monday.

“It wasn’t just that they beat him to death,” she said. “It’s that kids don’t know how to control themselves.”

Alexander Russo’s District 299 blog has links to stories on Albert’s murder.

I wonder if parent volunteers from both neighborhoods could be organized to patrol the route from the school to the bus stop.  These are their children.

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  1. The article stated that the high school had received an influx of children from another neighborhood, when that high school became a “military academy.” It might be more effective to open another small high school closer to that area.

    The parents may be members of the same gangs, or at least identify with their neighborhoods very strongly.

  2. They’re behaving like territorial animals — devolution.

  3. “Many students were so afraid, they simply stayed home.”

    And they’re probably better off at home. Any half clever student with a library card and a somewhat interested parent can receive a better education at home then in a violent public school.

  4. Dick Eagleson says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of neo-tribal barbarism, aka, urban street gangs. Per MTheads, they are behaving exactly like territorial animals – species Homo Sapiens to be exact. We have been tribal for 99+% of our history as a distinct species and have this form of social organization hard-wired into our genes. We’ve only recently figured out better forms of social organization, but old habits die hard. A quarter or more of present-day humanity still lives this way in their native lands and we see from incidents like that reported here that backsliding is also widespread in cultural milieus self-alienated from the civilized mainstream. Our urban political leaders, subscribing, as most do, to idiotic ideologies such as “multiculturalism” have no conceptual basis for even understanding what they are looking at when something like this gang fight happens, never mind what might usefully be done to end it.

  5. Parents patrolling for violent gangs?

    How about the police doing that. Jeez. I doubt the parents can do much good unless they had weapons of their own.

  6. Parents with weapons?  In Chicago?!  The police would treat them ten times worse than the gangs.