Hard to great

The hard is what makes it great, Ms. W., a second-year Teach for America teacher, tells her AP U.S. History students.  Their performance varies.

The AP papers range from the sublime (“The Quakers allowed a remarkable degree of religious tolerance to flourish in Pennsylvania, perhaps because of their experiences with being persecuted during the English Civil Wars”) to the ridiculous (“When Christopher Columbus arrived from Great British he found the King of New England there and willing to help him.”)

Her students are used to getting A’s without studying. She’s trying to persuade them they’ll need to work harder to succeed in an AP class.

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  1. ROFL…yep….they need to work just a little harder…it will be interesting to see if these kids should really be in the AP class or will they slow down the few that want the challenge…

  2. Nope, the AP curriculum will be dumbed down so more kids will take it and pass.


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