OEH conference newsflash

I am at the 2009 Conference of the Organization of Educational Historians, and so far I have enjoyed every bit of it. The question and answer sessions have been as interesting as the presentations themselves.

The first panel I attended was on desegregation; it included a presentation on desegregation in Chicago, followed by one on Webb v. School District No. 90 and one on Pease Elementary School in Austin. For the next session I chose “The Purposes of Schooling and Teaching,” which featured presentations on Kant’s lectures on pedagogy (“Über Pädagogik”), the Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education, the educational philosophy of Horace Mann, and the role of civic organizations in shaping education policy. After lunch I went to a panel titled “Responding to Challenges,” which included a presentation on the first underground school built in the United States, as well as a presentation on the deconstruction of history textbooks and one on “the Gaelic League’s call for an Irish Ireland.”

In the afternoon I attended the keynote address of Dr. George Marsden, author of The Soul of the American University, who spoke about the separation of religion from higher education over the past 150 years and signs of recent change.

My presentation on Demiashkevich is tomorrow morning, and I need to go over my notes! So that will be all for today.