No joy in Middleville

For watching three kids while they wait for the school bus, Lisa Snyder faces charges of operating an unlicensed child care home. The Middleville, Michigan woman agreed to help her neighbors who have to leave for work before the bus comes. The stop happens to be in front of Snyder’s house.

Someone complained to the Michigan Department of Human Services, which told Snyder to get a license or face charges.

Jonathan Turley gets sarcastic in The Menace in Middleville.

Mother Mindy Rose insisted that she is a “friend.” Really Mindy? Or are you just one more enabling parent who is encouraging these types of opportunistic, predatorial acts of kindness. Do you think that block parties and other scourges of society just happen, Mindy? No, it starts with parents like you and Snyder, the child watcher.

Are all babysitters licensed in Michigan? What about licenses for moms who host play dates?

In my day, elementary students walked or biked to school with their friends or alone. In junior high and high school, the bus stop was a kids-only zone. I’m not sure it was any safer then, but parents were more trusting.

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  1. “In my day, elementary students walked or biked to school with their friends or alone. In junior high and high school, the bus stop was a kids-only zone. I’m not sure it was any safer then, but parents were more trusting.”

    What is your point, Joanne? That the world is bad? Childhood is ruined forever by evil people? Society coddles children too much? By adding this to the end of your post, you took an interesting take on how much government encroaches on individuals and turned it into something different, but you did not elucidate for the reader what the point of that last bit was. That is unclear writing, Joanne.

  2. I cannot speak for Joanne, but I related completely to that sentence.

    We face a double whammy here. First, the level of societal distrust leads us to think that an unwatched kid will meet a horrible fate. Then, a related attitude leads people to think that only a person with a formal certification can be trusted.

    So, when I grew up, even my rather protective mother let me walk or ride my bike the mile to school, but now a parent with a modicum of sense is supposed to have professional supervision for a child waiting a few minutes for the bus.

  3. I walked out my door and caught the bus right in front of my house. Of course, we lived on a busy highway, out in the country, and my mother watched from the window until I was on the bus.

    It has become ridiculous as to how kids get to school now. I teach in an inner city high school where kids refuse to walk to school if it’s a few blocks away. Most parents bring their kids to school and because they are dropping off so many at different schools, the high school kids are the last and always late. I have to get to school very early or very late so as to not be stuck in all the traffic.

  4. With respect, we don’t know the whole story.

  5. Richard Aubrey says:

    Michigan is broke. They need the license revenue.
    Heard, years ago, that the NY PD put more guys out looking for the subway shooter than they did for the Son of Sam. Issue wasn’t the civilian casualty count, but the impudence of a citizen taking care of business.
    Anyway, I suppose it wouldn’t help to ask if the adults in question voted for the morons who made the law and for the increasing number of unelected agencies who operate as if they are court, legislature, and cops.

  6. “Someone complained to the Michigan Department of Human Services”

    Someone needs to mtofb.

  7. thank you Parent2 – none of you know the whole story, I do, very well. Also know that one of the ladies dropping off her child at Lisa’s house lost her husband one month before her child was born, she is a single mom trying to do what is right for her son, make a living and be responsible. We need to help each other out wherever possible anybody against that must be very cold and uncaring! The person complaining was looking for a way to make some money for herself that backfired, hope she is very happy with herself. We need to support these people! Put yourself in their shoes once and don’t say things unless you know what you are talking about.


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