History to order

Only one version of history will be taught in Russian schools, writes Forbes.

On Aug. 31, The Moscow Times reported that (President Dmitry) Medvedev proposed to introduce a standard history textbook. “There are many textbooks nowadays, and they give completely different views of history that can cause the head to spin,” he explained, “This is bad because the result will be that schoolchildren’s heads will turn to kasha.”

The approved 11th-grade book on Russia’s post-1945 history recounts the glorious past.

Not only does the textbook justify Stalin’s crimes, but adoration for Soviet regime is a constant theme, as is the glory of (Vladimir) Putin.

Via The Corner.

In Hamas-controlled Gaza, the U.N. refugee agency has agreed to eliminate the Holocaust from textbooks for Palestinian children. Hamas says the Holocaust never happened. The U.N., which pays for the schools, is going along.

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  1. I thought you were in favor of a national curriculum.

  2. Lightly seasoned,

    There is a world of difference between a national curriculum created by a despot and one that is created by a democratically elected government! Don’t you see this?

  3. Nope. Too busy watching the freak out over the presidential speech Tuesday.

  4. Hamas should be forced to take a curriculum which treats the Holocaust in every grade, plus the anti-Jewish pogroms of pre-1948 Palestine.

    Oh, and the class lectures should be done by Arabic-speaking Christians not living in the ME and delivered over television.

  5. I wonder whether these two cases are really that exceptional. How many other countries’ history classes distort the past?

  6. Tim-10-ber says:

    Why is this any different than what is happening in Texas with their history re-write? Isn’t this why Thomas wood wrote his book called something like what h
    you don’t learn in history?

  7. Thomas E. Woods, Jr., would likely sympathize with the attempt to rewrite history from a strictly conservative viewpoint. Try James Loewen’s <Lies My Teacher Told Me.

  8. Tim-10-ber says:


    thanks! I had forgotten about that book!

  9. I wonder if history textbooks in Russia will ever become as sophisticated as those in the US. When they start trashing their own country, we’ll know they’ve arrived.


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