Coming to you soon from Chicago

In a few hours I leave for Chicago, where I will be presenting a paper on Michael John Demiashkevich at the annual conference of the Organization of Educational Historians. This is my first time at an OEH conference. I would love to blog about it but will have to make sure that is OK. In any case, I will give you a “Chicago perspective” on something every day, be it conference proceedings, an education news update, or a topic I have been pondering.

My grandmother lived in Chicago her entire life, and I have been there many times since childhood. I won’t have much time for exploring, but on Saturday afternoon I will likely walk around, visit the Thorne Miniature Rooms, which I haven’t seen in many years, or go to the lake.

I am glad that an organization of educational historians exists. I look forward to this conference.


  1. I love the miniature rooms. Isn’t there also a movie star’s doll house in Chicago (Museum of Science and Industry). I cannot remember the name, but every thing was very elaborate and cunningly scaled down.

  2. Enjoy! I’m taking a history of education class this semester and our professor tore out of class today to make it to the conference. The drive to Chicago from south-central Indiana is boring and feels longer than it is.