Too many teachers?

Across the country, thousands of teachers are losing their jobs, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Teacher layoffs are inevitable, writes EIA.

The entire United States public school system enrolled only 60,966 more students in 2006-07, yet it hired 20,564 more teachers. Twenty-six states showed a decline in student enrollment, but only 14 had fewer teachers than the year before.

Class sizes have been falling — till this year — and more teachers have been hired for special education and support services.

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  1. A clarifying question… I might be dense or reading the links too quickly: are they indicating that the number of people in the total workforce increased or that the number of new hires increased?

    Regardless, I agree that hiring when the economy was stronger made these layoffs sadly inevitable.

  2. In CT landing an elementary classroom teacher position is like hitting the lottery. Talented new grads with Master’s Degrees are swamping the human resource depts. vying with each other for the few posted openings. Mature, experienced teachers trying to re-enter the workforce are working as paraeducators and substitute teachers to get their feet in the door. Hundreds of candidates apply for just about every elementary classroom position. Various factors are at work here: districts are increasing class sizes somewhat due to their uncertainty about State funding as CT has not yet passed a budget so some districts have lost positions. CT has many colleges and universities graduating (too many?)elementary ed. majors each year. Boomer teachers who may be ready for retirement are holding off due to uncertainty about the economy and the cost of their retirement healthcare which can be costly until they are 65 and eligible for Medicare. All in all it is a terrible time to be looking for an elementary classroom teaching job in CT!

  3. And hence the problem with unions. In the city I live int he overall population and student population have both decreased significantly over the decade and the schools have more teachers than ever.