School shooting game killed

Zombie School, an iPhone game which features students killing zombie classmates, has been pulled from Apple’s App Store, reports Brian X. Chen of Wired’s Gadget Lab. The game’s developer, Retarded Arts, issued a statement:

Zombie School is not promoting school shooting; it’s rather promoting elimination of zombies to protect the humans.

Apple’s been having trouble identifying offensive games, Chen notes. It approved Baby Shaker, “a game whose objective was to shake a baby to death,” then dropped it in response to parental outrage.

Retarded Arts claims Apple rejected a game that involved shooting Wall Street bankers as objectionable, but accepted it when it was revised to target zombie students. But the App Store sells Squash the $treet, “whose premise is to kill bankers — by squashing them with your finger rather than gunfire,” Chen writes.

Perhaps they’re zombie bankers.

Via Education Gadfly.

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