Harry Potter's resilience

Given his horrible pre-Hogwarts childhood, Harry Potter should have been clinically depressed, writes Early Ed Watch.

His parents died suddenly when he was a baby, so he was left to grow up in a house with his aunt, uncle and roly-poly bully of a cousin, Dudley. His aunt and uncle barely paid him any mind, but when they did, their growling responses were always negative. He was, in essence, verbally abused and ignored, not to mention half starved. It was a tough way to grow up. And yet he turned out to not only be a hero, but also a thoughtful, kind and productive person. You wouldn’t call Harry happy-go-lucky, but you wouldn’t describe him as depressed either.

The point is that we should be more sensitive to depression in young children, not that J.K. Rowling should have written Harry Potter and the Half-Baked Psychologist.

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