Donate with Gates

If you help a public-school teacher buy classroom supplies or fund a special project through DonorsChoose, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match your donation.

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  1. That’s…really cool.

  2. Donor’s Choose is a great organization. I’ve donated there several times and the transactions (and messages from the teachers and kids) have made it well worthwhile. Also, since you get to pick your project, you know that your money is going towards something you personally think is worthwhile.

    Highly recommended.

  3. My students and I have been on the receiving end of Donor’s Choose a number of times. One semester, for example, my AP Lit class got overloaded and I was 6 copies short of every novel we were going to read. Ordering through the school would have taken too long. Some generous souls got me the books within weeks. Just as important, my students got to see that people they did not even know cared enough about them to write a check.