Cash offer boosts AP pass rate

New York City students offered cash for passing AP exams took and passed more tests this year. This was a change from the first year of Reach, when more students took an AP test but fewer passed.  This year, Reach offered a larger reward to students who attended Saturday tutoring sessions and passed the exam.

Students who attended the weekend classes and ultimately received a 5, the highest score, would receive $1,000, while students who did not attend the tutorials and received a score of 5 were awarded $500. Students who earned 4’s received $750 if they attended the sessions and $400 if they did not.

A Queens student earned $3,250 for passing four tests.

Reach, which is privately funded, offers the incentive at 31 public and Catholic schools with high minority enrollments.

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  1. My high school Spanish teacher said he’d buy me dinner if I got a “5” on the AP Spanish test. I worked harder on preparing just because I wanted to make him pay up. After scores came back, there was a Spanish club dinner at a local Mexican restaurant–guess who didn’t have to pay for her meal?

  2. The reward is obviously tilted toward giving up one’s weekends; high achievers who don’t give the Saturday program any credit get only half the cash.  This appears to be for the benefit of the staff, not the students.

  3. Wow, I got four 5’s (European History, American History, English Language, English Lit) for free. Now I feel cheated!