Home Spun Juggling is hosting this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling.

The second Carnival of Education Innovation is up at ABCTE.

If you want to see a revival of the Carnival of Education, e-mail EdWonk at owlshome (at) earthlink (dot) net and volunteer to be a host. I may do that myself.

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  1. Hey Joanne, I’m hoping for a revival of the CoE as well, but I’d emailed EdWonks over the summer & haven’t heard back. So I perhaps-foolishly decided to start a new one, the EduCarnival v2, at least while the other is on hiatus.

    I’m planning to start with a “Summer Revue” next Wednesday, and a Back-to-School edition the Wednesday after. Would love to have some of your articles to include!