Believers choose teaching careers

Highly religious people often choose education majors, “stick with it and become more religious over time,” notes Debbie Viadero at Inside School Research citing a National Bureau of Economic Research study.  Humanities, physical sciences and social sciences majors become less religious over time.

Viadero isn’t surprised.

I suspect that many teachers feel the need to turn to prayer quite often in the course of a day. What’s the old saying about “no atheists in foxholes”?

Business majors also become more religious. Praying for help?

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  1. Well, certainly folks aren’t becoming schoolteachers in order to become rich. It makes sense that the religiously pious are attracted to an altruistic profession like teaching.

  2. I never applied for the teaching job I have. I tell people God called me up and told me to go teach at a high school I never would have chosen. I was called to a long term sub position and told not to get comfortable, I’d be gone by Christmas. That was 20 years ago. Teaching in a difficult inner city school could only be done with lots of prayer.