An explosion of carnivals

The EdWonk tells me he’s returned from Direct Dial Hell, where the Internet is slower than molasses, and will restart the Carnival of Education in time for the start of school. He asked me to spread the word.

In his absence, the Carnival of Education Innovation and the Carnival of Education v. 2 have sprung up. I think that’s two too many. I hope the organizers get together and consolidate forces. I hate organizing but I’m happy to publicize.

By the way, I’m still in Server Overload Hell. Well, it’s a bit better. Call it Server Overload Heck. My host is “throttling” my blog access till I reduce CPU use. But I can’t figure out why use is up. I’m not getting more spam than usual. I was getting more visitors till the site slowed down, but not that much more. If anyone has ideas, let me know at joanne (at) joannejacobs (dot) com. I’m going to try clearing a cache. I think that worked once before.

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