Where Sotomayor got her start

Sonia Sotomayor’s widowed mother worked extra shifts to send her kids to a K-8 Catholic school. Blessed Sacrament School hasn’t changed much, writes the New York Times.

Jacqueline Garcia, 8, sat at the front of the classroom, inside Blessed Sacrament School in the Bronx on Wednesday morning. Math does not frighten her. She likes it, because she wants to be a doctor, and to be a doctor, she said, you have to learn math, science and reading.

One of Jacqueline’s older schoolmates, Alicia Sylvester, 12, wants to go to Penn State University and learn to be a pharmacist. Another student, Alex Nunez, 10, is undecided on his career path, but he said it’s a toss-up between a scientist and an astronaut.

“I can go to space and discover new planets and fix some satellites,” Alex said.

The school, which charges $2,900 a year in tuition, hasn’t updated its facilities since Sotomayor was a top student there.

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  1. When are we going to get over this nonsense that algebra is different in the 21st century? Blessed Sacrament apparently never bought into it.

  2. Charles R. Williams says:

    It does not cost much to educate the ambitious, hard-working children of responsible parents who value learning (as opposed to educational credentials). For that matter the only thing that needs to be updated in the curriculum and facilities of a school like Blessed Sacrament is the last chapter of the history texts.

    So what is the great messiah Obama going to do to make this sort of quality education available to all children? Nothing, since he and his elitist buddies can afford private schools for their children and the teacher unions are a powerful constituency.