Teachers are tops at trivia nights

Teachers make the best trivia night hosts in Massachusetts bars, reports the Boston Globe.

. . . the host one recent evening, Joel Bates, is an assistant principal at Florence Sawyer School in nearby Bolton; the scorekeeper, Steve Grant, works for him as a second-grade teacher. At least a half-dozen other teachers were in the standing-room-only crowd.

. . . “When you think about it, it makes sense,’’ said Bob Carney, a trivia night organizer with “about 10’’ teachers in his stable of hosts. “Teachers are knowledgeable. They know how to control a room full of people. And if you can handle a 10-year-old, you can handle the occasional drunk.’’

Via Education Gadfly.

Darren of Right on the Left Coast competes with a team of teachers at a Sacramento trivia night. Years after he learned that Nunavut is the name of a Canadian territory, his team was asked: Iqaluit is the capital of what Canadian territory or province?

My trivial knowledge of the existence of that Canadian territory has finally paid off!

The team won a $100 gift certificate. And deep and abiding satisfaction for Darren.

I still cherish beating all the guys to answer a science question in the try-outs for It’s Academic.  I don’t remember the question but the answer was kelp. That was 40 years ago.

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  1. Douglas Adams would be proud!

  2. There’s a related bar game that uses the interactive gizmo – most of the questions are too easy, but I always miss the ones about music.

  3. Just to clarify, the same questions are asked of every team. The host stands in the middle of the restaurant and booms out the questions; each team writes down their answers on an answer sheet. After the 30 questions are read, the host takes off for 20 min or so to grade the papers!