Stimulus doubles teacher pay

Fayetteville, Arkansas is using stimulus dollars to double the pay of teachers in a summer reading program, reports the Northwest Arkansas Times.

Teachers in this program that targets at-risk students who have completed kindergarten through second grades will bank $8,000 for 12 days of classroom instruction and three days of preparation at the school.

The money won’t save teacher jobs or offer a new program, points out Jay P. Greene.

The money is simply being used to pay teachers more for the same thing that they would have been doing anyway. The only thing that is “racing to the top” about this use of funds is teacher pay.

. . . that works out to paying Fayetteville teachers $76 per hour of scheduled work (excluding benefits) to do something that teachers in neighboring Springdale are doing for $25 per hour. And it is apparently double what the same Fayetteville teachers are normally paid.

Why not pay teachers more to offer more days of instruction?

Update: Most stimulus money is going to protect existing jobs and programs, writes Andy Smarick.  That’s no surprise.

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