Flowers, Sausages, Book

Mrs. Mimi has turned her blog into a book, which will come out in September.  It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages, subtitled My Adventures in Second Grade, can be ordered on Amazon.

Ms. Mimi is a Harlem schoolteacher who loves kids. And teaching. And stickers. And post-its. And what her kids do every day. . . . Inside we’ll meet characters like Curly, the kid that teachers dream about. All wide eyes and a mind that drinks up knowledge like a sponge, he’s the stereotypical teacher’s pet that reminds Ms. Mimi why she’s teaching. We’ll also meet The Weave, the school administrator that doesn’t seem to remember what teaching is; The Bacon Hunter, a teacher who seems to have partially checked out; Little Crooked Glasses, a child who warms your heart just because he’s so sweet and… clumsy . . .

You can warm my heart by ordering a copy of Our School while you’re online.

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