D.C. residents want school vouchers

Nearly 75 percent of Washington, D.C. residents supported school vouchers in a new poll; 68 percent of residents oppose Congress’ effort to end the federally funded program. Under the Opportunity Scholarship Program, low-income children who win a lottery have been eligible for scholarships up to $7,500, which can be used at private schools of their parents’ choice.

If given a choice, 70 percent of District parents say they’d send their children to private or public charter schools rather than to traditional public schools.

Last month, a majority of D.C. council members petitioned Education Secretary Arne Duncan to reverse his decision to rescind 216 scholarships awarded to new students starting school in the fall. He did agree to let current voucher students continue in their schools till graduation.

By the time parents learned of the decision, most of the city’s charter schools had no more space. Ninety percent of the students who lost their scholarships “are assigned to attend failing public schools,” concludes a review by D.C. Children First, reports the Washington Post.

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  1. The fun starts with question 12 on page nineteen. Check out the figures broken out by ethnicity. Now you know why Obama went to the mat for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarships.

  2. I can see how question 8 would yield unexpected results. “How much is spent on each student?” is not the same is “What is the per capita spending in the D.C. school district?”

    From question 14: Among parents of school-age children, 82% favor the [voucher] program.

    At least 90% will continue to vote for the officials who killed the program.

  3. At least 90% will continue to vote for the officials who killed the program.

    Given a choice between your racial identity and your kids I don’t think it’s safe to assume 90% of parents will choose their racial identity. Obama’s state senate district would’ve put him right in an area where that assumption would’ve been called into question on a day-to-day basis.

  4. I guess Michelle Rhee isn’t doing such a great job after all.

  5. Good info