Abuse in literature

Lessons from Literature hopes to persuade English teachers to use literature to “facilitate discussion and build awareness about physical, verbal and sexual abuse.”  The first two sample lessons use Their Eyes Were Watching God and Lord of the Flies.

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  1. Tracy W says:

    Can anyone find evidence that they’ve actually examined whether their lessons have achieved their goals, and if so, in what way?
    The danger with building awareness about physical, verbal and sexual abuse is that it might be building awareness amongst the would-be abusers about new ways to achieve their goals.

  2. Ragnarok says:

    “The Family Violence Prevention Fund works to end violence against women and children around the world, because every person has the right to live free of violence.”

    I’m relieved that they don’t discourage violence against men.

    That would be too much.

    They also seem to have ignored violence against the lesser transgender three-winged fruit-maggot.

    How come?

  3. Oh please. The grievance mongering just gets worse.

  4. BadaBing says:

    I loathe this kind of political activism and will not be persuaded.

  5. So, I guess the assumption is that if a bully can be finally be made to realize that he is causing pain to other people, he will change his ways.

    Very similar to Obama’s belief that the Iranian regime wants desperately to be part of the “international community,” and no doubt held by many of the same people.