Stimulating discussion

National Journal’s new Education Experts Blog asks the experts: What’s the best use of stimulus money?

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  1. Couldn’t they find a single teacher to put on that board?

  2. Our district is using stimulus funds to buy out older teachers, giving $25k to any teacher who is 60+ and been in the district 25+ years. They hope to hire two new teachers for every two who leave.

  3. That seems appropriate when you consider the nature of public education and who observed that quantity has a quality all its own.

  4. Foobarista says:

    We haven’t spent 90% of it. How about canceling the rest of it and saving $900B?

  5. Yikes, just reread my comment: should be the district will hire TWO new teachers for every ONE teacher who takes the stimulus money. Average teacher who has been around 25 years is making $73K. The district can hire TWO new teachers for that amount of money. Sorry for the mistype.