Obama Elementary

Barack Obama Elementary? A new school in Prince George’s County, Maryland may be named after the president. It’s a trend, reports the Washington Post.

The Hempstead Union Free School District in New York voted to rename Ludlum Elementary School for him in November shortly after his victory in the presidential election. Since then, several other school boards nationwide have taken steps to name new schools or rename old ones after the president.

“Antigua has plans to name its largest mountain and a national park” after Obama.

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  1. greifer says:

    Minnesota beat you to it.

    The St. Paul school board voted 5-1 Tuesday night to rename one of the district’s elementary schools “Barack and Michelle Obama Service Learning Elementary.”

    The vote came after board members received intense feedback about the proposed change — most of it negative — from community members.

    Students, staff and community members at Webster Magnet Elementary voted earlier this month to change the school’s name. Webster is in its first year of a service learning program, and the school wanted a new name to reflect the shift in focus.

    “We talk about, so often, that what we do is for the children, for kids,” said board member Tom Goldstein. “Our job is to inspire kids, and these kids got inspired. They went to the trouble to process and pick this name. They could have picked … George Washington Carver, Martin Luther King, they could have picked Sojourner Truth, they didn’t. They were inspired by Barack Obama.”


    Apparently, none of the students, staff or even principal knew who the Webster was that the school was originally named after, Daniel Webster.

    is a great article on what’s being lost.

  2. We must honour our Divine One on Earth, for he has gifted us with his mere presence.

    If we do not, then we will not be given the gifts of the Earth from him or be granted the Utopia he seeks.

    He will give us all the Secrets of the Universe once he goes into the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem! Disregard him at your own risk!

  3. Politicians can rise, and politicians can fall (the Mark Sanford situation should tell us that). One major reason we name our institutions as we have is that the persons so honored have been deceased long enough that the judgment of history has had time to give a balanced picture of their accomplishments.

    Obama may yet prove to be a statesman. So far, I’ve seen nothing to indicate that his legacy will outlast the news cycle. So, it’s at least premature to enshrine him in stone.

    What’s next? Monuments to “The One”?

  4. One good thing we can say about this is that at least the school has a name that actually captures what that community thinks is important. As I wrote in a report for the Manhattan Institute (http://www.manhattan-institute.org/html/cr_51.htm ), school names are increasingly being selected because they sound pleasant while offending no one. That’s why we’ve had an enormous shift from schools named after people, in general, and presidents, in particular, toward schools with nature names that sound more like herbal teas or day spas — e.g. Deer Valley, Hawk’s Bluff, Manatee Bay, etc…

  5. thaprof says:

    Obama’s high school, the Punahou School, planned to rename itself Obama High. Then Hawaii’s tough truth-in-advertising law kicked in, so they had to change it to High Obama.

  6. I don’t see this as being much different than the US Navy naming an aircraft carrier after a career politician, John C Stennis.

  7. “Because of his work with the Armed Services committee (1969–1980) he became known as the “Father of America’s Modern Navy”, and he was subsequently honored by having a supercarrier named after him. He is one of only two members of Congress to be so honored, the other being former Georgia Democrat Carl Vinson.”

    From Wikipedia

  8. but in the end, Stennis is still support staff as opposed to naval leader or a historical battle – and therein lies a tale of the modern military (just as when you find a school with more support staff than teachers, something is invariably awry)

    Personally prefer ship names with history or successive generations of vessels eg USS Enterprise

  9. Mark Roulo says:

    Obama may yet prove to be a statesman.

    Using the definition of statesman of, “a dead politician,”
    I think we can be confident that in fifty years or so, Obama
    will prove to be a statesman 🙂

    -Mark Roulo

  10. I don’t even have a problem with aircraft carriers being named after presidents even though I’d rather see them carry historical names.

    Aren’t we overdue for a Lexington or Yorktown or Bunker Hill. Why not name them after American heroes? How many people attacked the highjackers on Sept. 11th on the Penn. plane? Why haven’t many of them been honored?

    Stennis may have served for a long time but he was still a career politician.

  11. I don’t recall much discussion about whether George W. Bush was a great statesman when elementary schools were named after him…so I don’t really think that greatness is required to have your name on a school.

    Obama is already a historic president, of course, and I would imagine that a lot of schools – especially those in minority areas – might choose to name themselves after him.

    (And if he turns out to be ultimately unpopular, they will change the name to something else. Being written in stone doesn’t mean what it once did.)

  12. Dick Eagleson says:

    Being written in stone doesn’t mean what it once did.

    Indeed. Anyone driven by Spiro Agnew High recently?

  13. Naming a school after a President who’s still in office is just wrong, and kinda creepy. At least wait until the guy’s out of office.

  14. “I don’t see this as being much different than the US Navy naming an aircraft carrier after a career politician, John C Stennis.”

    Which was equally repugnant. As a rule, I think you should have to have been dead for at least a few years before getting anything named after you. To name buildings and ships for the living smacks of monarchy. What’s next: Obama’s face on the money?

  15. Bill Leonard says:

    “What’s next: Obama’s face on the money?”

    At the rate The Anointed One is printing money, why not? If this keeps up, the money soon will be worthless anyway.