Military schools woo high-risk students

Urban districts are opening military magnets to keep high-risk students in school, reports AP. 

The Marines are talking with at least six districts — including in suburban Atlanta, New Orleans and Las Vegas — about opening schools where every student wears a uniform, participates in Junior ROTC and takes military classes, said Bill McHenry, who runs the Junior ROTC program for the Marines.

AP estimates that 5 to 10 percent of graduating seniors from public military schools end up enlisting, compared to 3 percent of all recent high school graduates.

Some students crave the structure — and the male role models — that a military program provides. Chicago, where Education Secretary Arne Duncan was superintendent, has been very open to the idea.

After San Francisco voters endorsed keeping JROTC, the school board changed its decision to kill the program, but hasn’t restored PE credit, writes Debra Saunders. That’s squeezing college-bound students out of JROTC.  Will the board restore the credit?

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