Carnival of Education

The Carnival of Education is in full swing at Scheiss Weekly.

At Footsteps of Aristotle, Mrs. D explains how to teach kung fu grammar and punctuation.

It didn’t make the carnival, but the ‘sphere is buzzing about Mrs. Bluebird’s post on great parenting. Guidance Goddess reported that Gawky Girl had come in with her mother to sign up for summer school.

(Gawky Girl) was smart as all get out, but did absolutely no work whatsoever, and consequently managed to fail seventh grade. This from a kid who should have been on the A B honor roll if she tried.

The Guidance Goddess continued. “I know the family and know that they are on fee waivers, so they wouldn’t have to pay for summer school. So, I was reaching for the fee waiver list and mom told me to hold it right there. She wasn’t going to utilize the fee waiver. She made Gawky Girl pay for it out of her birthday money.”

“Seriously?” I asked. Accountability? Finally?

“Seriously,” Guidance Goddess answered. “Gawky Girl was not happy, but mom insisted. She said maybe she’d learn to value her education if she actually had to pay for it.”

She won’t flunk again.

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  1. The case for G/T education, right there.

  2. Hi Joanne my name is Garin and I work for a company called Eduify[dot]com and I think you did a great job with this post! We did a blog post recently called the 5 top ways to curb procrastination and I tried to post a link to it but it deleted my comment :(. Anyways I hope you check it out because perhaps it could help future Gawky Girls escape a similar fate. Cheers!

    @GarinKilpatrick on twitter

  3. A great parent wouldn’t have let the kid flunk seventh grade.

  4. Cal – perhaps it takes experience to become a great parent.