Why not rush headlong into merit pay?

Current merit pay proposals are flawed for six reasons, Dan Willingham argues. Check out his video “Merit Pay, Teacher Pay, and Value-Added Measures.”

Then read the lively discussion at the Core Knowledge blog.

And see Diane Ravitch’s Bridging Differences column from April 21, “What’s Wrong With Merit Pay.”


  1. Would someone please make sure Arne Duncan and Bill O’Reilly see this?

  2. Charles R. Williams says:

    Measuring teacher performance is an inherently subjective business. Yet we know who the good teachers are in a school. The parents know it. The students know it. Administrators know it.

    We can reward teachers for performance fairly – despite the inherent subjectivity – if administrators can be held accountable for their own performance. This requires that administrators have much more authority and control over what happens in their schools and parents have genuine choices to move their children from less effective schools to better schools.