UND surrenders 'Fighting Sioux'

University of North Dakota will drop the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo, in response to complaints the name demeans American Indians.

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  1. Oh, for Pete’s sake. I’m Irish and I don’t get my knickers in a twist about Notre Dame’s “fighting Irish” nickname and cartoonish leprechaun mascot.

    Don’t the Sioux have bigger problems to worry about like jobs, a high rate of substance abuse, etc.?

  2. http://volokh.com/archives/archive_2009_05_10-2009_05_16.shtml#1242423155

    Seems real Native Americans don’t much care about this “controversy.”

  3. >>Seems real Native Americans don’t much care about this “controversy.”<<

    Read the article.

    This has nothing to do with the “Redskins”. It has to do with actual Sioux tribes in ND.

    From the article:

    “The name and logo, which is a profile of an American Indian man with feathers and streaks of paint on his face, could still be saved if North Dakota’s Standing Rock and Spirit Lake Sioux tribes agree by Oct. 1 to give UND permission to use them for at least 30 years.”

  4. New name? How about the Sighting Fioux?

  5. BadaBing says:

    I would tell them to go to hell. If they don’t like it, they can Sioux me.

  6. Barry Garelick says:

    I guess this means the Fighting Illini are next to go. They already did away with Chief Illiniwek.

  7. Peter: Please. The poll was a general poll about the term “Redskins,” which, if anything, is much more offensive than “Fighting Sioux.”

    If “Fighting Sioux” is “offensive,” than as Crimson Wife noted, “Fighting Irish,” etc. should also be banned.