Teaching-disabled teachers

Nearly one in five teachers suffers from a teaching disability, reports The Onion, which makes stuff up.

As noted in the report, hundreds of schools have already begun setting up special classrooms in which the teaching- disabled can receive the extra attention they require, teach at their own unique pace, and be paired up with patient students who can help to keep them on track.

. . . “Rather than punishing our teachers or kicking them out, we give them a gold star every time they do something right,” (Wesley Principal Donald) Zicree continued. “If they write the correct answer to a math problem on the board, they get a gold star. If they volunteer to read aloud during English class, they get a gold star. You’d be amazed what a little positive reinforcement can do. Some of our teachers have even stopped drinking in their cars during lunch.”

Sadly, most teaching-disabled teachers don’t get this kind of support.

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