Experts cheer 'new motherhood'

In response to new the illegitimacy rate is soaring, experts interviewed for the New York Times blog say: No problem.  It’s a “trend.” The “new motherhood.” Extended families and government support and tolerance for differences will take care of it.

Given that unmarried couples are much more likely to split than married couples and that unmarried fathers are much more likely to walk away from their children than divorced dads, this is an endorsement of fatherless families. I’ve read the stats and, in my years as a journalist, I’ve talked to many young people who grew up without a father.  The “trend” is more pain and poverty. 

The New York Times couldn’t find a single “expert” to defend the traditional family as best for kids? This is not a weird, way-out point of view.

By the way, thanks to Diana Senechal for guestblogging. I’m on vacation –currently in scenic Bruges, city of reluctant hitmen — and trying to focus on sightseeing.

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  2. thaprof says:

    The destruction of the “bourgeois family” is of course a long-standing program of the Left. It’s not surprising that the NYT approves.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Of course they see no problem- more underclass that will vote for Democrats!

  4. Mark Roulo says:

    I’m thinking that the people here:

    might be willing to make a try “to defend the traditional family as best for kids.”

    -Mark Roulo

  5. That’s not an approved viewpoint under the new regime.

  6. Charles R. Williams says:

    Let’s not forget that the live-in boyfriend who is not a child’s father is often a threat to the child’s safety.

  7. How many families are like this in the US today?

    “Meet the families where no one’s worked for THREE generations – and they don’t care”–dont-care.html

  8. Re: “Meet the families where no one’s worked for THREE generations – and they don’t care”

    Remember the “Back To The Future” trilogy? How some families – the McFlys and the Tannens – keep to the culture their DNA seems to attract them to?

    I think some families are just families of winners, and some families are just families of losers. It hurts to say it, but the truth hurts sometimes…

  9. I was in grad school in DC, in the 80s, and faculty members described their research populations as having multiple generations with no marriages and no full-time jobs.

  10. Where’s Margaret Sanger when you need her? LOL