Turn off

Fox’s animated Sit Down, Shut Up makes fun of high school teachers and administrators. Well, fun is not the word, writes Glenn Garvin in the Miami Herald.

Set in a high school in a small Florida town (aaarrrgh! us again!), Sit Down, Shut Up follows a bunch of oversexed, underbrained teachers with names like Stuart Proszakhian and Willard Deutschebog — regrettably, the high-water mark of the show’s humor — who talk dirty, take drugs and generally act like reanimated zombies from a 1969 locker-room skit.

Staleness, however, ranks as a virtue in Sit Down, Shut Up, for the show’s token stabs at topicality are truly appalling. They include a creepy, conspiratorial Muslim janitor and a pulchritudinous blond religious zealot who was selected to teach science even though she doesn’t believe in it: ”Everyone knows it’s just a bunch of voodoo the Jews came up with so they could charge us for medicine and stuff.”

“Sophomoric” says USA Today.

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  1. I agree. I gave up halfway through. Fox is giving up on King of the Hill for this crap?

  2. Don’t be so hard on FOX! Every TV show that’s well loved was new at one point, and TV channels have to be allowed to try new things, or we’ll never get any new TV shows, ever.

    It was OK, but pretty rough for a first episode. But then again, I go back and look at the first episodes of some of my favorite shows (Futurama, Star Trek: TNG, etc.) and realize that their first episodes were pretty rough too. You’ve got to start somewhere, right?

    Personally, I never found King of The Hill funny. A good show? Yeah. But a fit between The Simpsons and Family Guy? Not really. Here’s hoping this show develops into a better “bridge” between the two TV giants of comedy. 😛

  3. they could have just done a reality show with teachers sleeping with kids – starring that blonde hoochiemama from FL or wherever she was from.