Rejection tweeting

HIgh school seniors are getting their college letters — fat and thin — and Tweeting Through the Pain, reports The Daily Beast.

alesacm: Stanford’s rejection letter was waaaay better than Harvard’s.

his_holiness: I was rejected from the University of Washington. My dad has been a professor there for 30 years and is on the board of admissions. FML

warmsound: ponders requesting a formal rejection letter from Princeton… just to get the most out of his application fee.

yaacoviland: Rejected by Waterloo. Accepted by Harvard. Been repeating WTF out loud to myself for the last fifteen minutes.

draytonhiers: Something strange has happened. Being rejected by Yale has made me feel better about myself, rather than worse. I can’t explain this.

gabmeister1855: Got rejected from Berkeley. Damn dirty hippies.

Kids are applying to more colleges these days, so they’re getting rejected more. It’s good practice for life.

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