Dropouts drop back in

Some cities are persuading more students to stay in school, according to the America’s Promise Alliance survey on dropouts.  On average, only half of students in big cities graduate. However, Philadelphia, Tucson and Kansas City boosted their graduation rates by 20 percentage points or more over a decade; 10 more cities saw double-digit improvements.

Graduation rates fell dramatically in Las Vegas, Wichita and Omaha.  

When there are few jobs, education looks good, reports MSNBC.

. . . long waiting lists for adult education and GED — General Education Development — classes, spiking enrollments at community colleges and, perhaps, a surge in returns by high-school dropouts and a decline in those who leave in the first place, may all point to a renewed focus on education, experts say.

For every 1 percentage point rise in the unemployment rate, the dropout rate falls by 5 percent, one study found.

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  1. Wow… You know the U.S. economy’s in bad shape when the dropouts actually become self-motivated to return.

    And it’s not over yet… Just wait until the commercial real estate market collapses (a market much bigger than the private real estate market), and GM and Chrysler apply for bankruptcy.

    Then, inflation begins as the bills for the trillions of dollars the federal government has put on credit to bail out banks starts to come due…

    Maybe the dropout rate will –> 0% by then?

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