‘By any means necessary’

Quoting Malcolm X’s call for change “by any means necessary,” former Washington, D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams and former D.C. Councilman Kevin P. Chavous call for the continuation of vouchers for low-income students. From the Washington Post:

Ensuring that every American child receives equal access to high-quality education represents our last civil rights struggle.

. . . In the long term, let us continue to reform, recalibrate and reenergize our education system. In the short term, however, we cannot afford to lose any more children to bad schooling.

Most students who attend Washington, D.C. public schools don’t graduate with the skills needed for college, if they graduate at all.

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  1. Politicans like Corey Booker (Mayor of Newark, NJ) and Adrian
    Fenty, and these guys are getting it right. They’re putting the best interests of their constituents above the needs of the NEA. They’ll continue to win elections as long as they’re communicating with their constituents. More, more, more, more.

  2. mike curtis says:

    Vouchers don’t mean a thing if you have no place to spend them. I teach math in a rural school district that offers no alternative other than cyberspace. Personally, I embrace competition as a means to improve the product (quality education); but, in the face no competition, the public is dependent on my desire to do the best, or the least, that I can.

    Here, it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. You have to rely on the professionalism of me and my peers.

  3. Andy Freeman says:

    > I teach math in a rural school district that offers no alternative other than cyberspace.

    While that district may not offer alternatives, that doesn’t tell us whether it’s impossible to offer alternatives.

    Is there more than one car dealership in the area served by that district? Is there more than one grocery store?

    I ask because it doesn’t take many kids to support two schools. Given that, competition is a matter of letting parents choose between them.