Bad sportsmanship penalty for parents

After soccer parents yelled at a referee for a call, Bethesda’s Legacy travel team’s fans were exiled from the sidelines for two games, reports the Washington Post.

As the 13-year-old girls chased the soccer ball around the verdant field Sunday, one set of parents watched from the sidelines in comfy collapsible chairs, sipping coffee. The others were banished to a nearby hill, straining to see the action with binoculars.

The soccer league believes good sportsmanship applies to parents as well as players.

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  1. Good idea.

  2. Love it!!!

  3. It’s about time! I’m all for it.

  4. As a parent and youth sports coach, I’ve seen my share of parents who behave unsportingly. Raising awareness of bad behavior is helpful. Even better is a guide to good behavior. You can find such a guide on the Positive Coaching Alliance’s site at